Friday, May 4, 2012

A Pinterest PSA

My hubby made this for me. I am so tired of seeing practically porn on pinterest!

Friday, January 27, 2012

A cleaning chart/graph

I have for some reason had this urge to clean my house.. I hate cleaning!! But i hate living in a hoarders house more..And so like any other interent obsessed person i google cleaning charts.. for a number of reasons.. i like lists they make me feel good when you check stuff off, i cant remember what all needs to be done, i wont skip it if its on a list.. im a simple minded person i know this.. So back to my search and i hae discovered a few like FLY lady who makes you feel goos for just getting out of bed or here who is Martha Stewart on crack.. But neither really worked for me so i had to make my own..I never knew customising a check sheet would be so hard!! Im not computer literate so it took me forever because i forgot things here and there and my order is out of whack so i am going to keep working on it and then im going to put it here so you can use mine and say this doesnt work for me and try your own.. just be warned its harder than it looks...