Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Problem of never sleeping

Yes I admit it.I never sleep..I start to or at least think I will try but it always fails. I am not tired so I dont go to bed early then usually around 130-2a.m. Fair Maiden Jackie wakes me up and when I am awoken there is no going back. So what do you do in a time like this???? you read blogs. At first you would thnk i would actually write mine but my life is nothing new.. The interesting blogs out there i like are the mormon mommy blogs. Ihave learned quite a few things from them these last few days. Here are a few of them...

I need a camera-there are many reasons i dont have a camera just for blogging and what not..1.I break them so easy and 2. they get expensive after a while of having them consantly break.. my phone takes pictures good enough for me
We (the family) need to own at least 1 set of matching outfits perferably plaid- Dan wont put on fluffy ballerina dress and Jackie and i dont do plaid
Must make more babies- infertilty is a bitch on that one
Have to cook with all my kitchen gadgets not just stare at them- if i take them out of the box i am not responsible for what happens in the kitchen. my blowtorch will explode, the ice cream maker will lead a revolt, and the magic bullet will start scamming oither blenders(we have 2) into buying other infomercial crap
Gotta start dropping words like "blessings" and "sweet spirit" in day to day conversations- maybe includes no cursing but i just couldn't take myself seriously if i say "sweeet spirit" for a good week maybe week and a half
Scarpbooking is the only way anyone will ever know i existed in 100 years- true story. Everyone knows the cavemen loved to decoupage
and finally
You can turn any outfit into a modest outfit-i honestly saw a woman turn a sheet into a dress..i.e. when you are walking to your firdge in the middle of the night for ice cream and you got the sheet wrapped around you, a woman made that into a modest attire. Also if there is a magazine pic of something you can recreate it and then add sleeves instead of buying it. That part (and the sheet dress) is actually super awesome.

this is probably why i dont blog more but just stalk everyone elses but if this no sleeping thing continues i may have to take some drastic steps..Like adding pictures and keeping up with this