Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my hoarding has a purpose!!!!!!!

That's right.. This is a table built from a door i found on the side of the road near my house.Thank you Lauren Marshmann , the one who helped bring the door home. This makes me feel like i can do anything which i can but , it also gives me the lisense to do more curb site alerts and yard sale leftover deals.What will i do when i run outta space? Easy rent a storage unit , probably at the same place i go to the storage unit auctions and fill it. However before i put it there it must be painted a pretty color or redecorated..its the only way i feel good about grabbing crap from the side of the road..

1 comment:

  1. It looks GREAT!! I so love that the cords fit so nicely in the doorknob hole. PERFECT!

    I like that term, "curb side alerts"...I am going to remember that so when I am getting stuff off the curb I can tell Mike in an official sounding tone, "CURB SIDE ALERT"!