Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i have a problem

Yes, I am admiting it..Ibelieve i might have the earliest signs of hoarding adn hoardership.I just picked up a door because i want to build a table out of it and as i look at it i keep thinking" if dan came home today im pretty sure he would send me somewhere to get help". So i have decided after my door/table i am going to stop my hoarding ways. Am i positive that it will work or last? Not even remotly but i have to think that i can try right? Thats all for right now..I will update you later on the hoarding or decluttering either way..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

extreme couponer's apprentice?

So i was watching this show on tv.It was called extreme couponing. I am seriously interested in starting but they dont explain how to start. I also wont be that good of an extreme couponer because they buy what looks like loads and loads of stuff they may never need. I am all for food storage (obvisouly) but theres a point where they just look greedy and are just doing it because the will save money. Is it saving money if you wont use it? I know im kind of downing them but i really want to start couponing. I get the booklet in my mail and i have an evelope but do i ever do anything with them? nope. I forget about them then there is just a mess of crumpled paper on the bottom of my monster diaper bag. So i am going to check the local community college and sign up for couponing 101-the basics and organization of coupons. Hopefully my gi bill covers it. Probably not but hey i will try. Well this is sunday and i have very sundayish chores and jobs to do.. Such as well currently nothing because it is just me and the baby and we do the same thing day in and day out. but hey one day we will have something to do:) Good Sunday

Friday, April 15, 2011

The first post

I have no idea what im doing. With that being said i feel a little silly writing a first post. Its like writing the first entry of a journal. Do you start where you are in life or do you give a brief intro? I never get farther than this point in journals because then i think, who is reading this? if its future generations then do i really want them to know what my life is like? Then i stop writing thinking that once i become a better person and have mostly nice things to say then i will write a journal. That day has yet to come. But hey this seems like a good first post for this internet journal. It has all that i need in a first post. Words. Honestly i dont really think that people read the first post of anything, we skip to pictures or interesting things not the "hello im so-and-so i live here like to blank.. So now that all this is done it will show that i do have a post and i look accomplished. Misson complete. Now off to tend to the rest of my life..i.e. vacuum and shop online.