Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Problem of never sleeping

Yes I admit it.I never sleep..I start to or at least think I will try but it always fails. I am not tired so I dont go to bed early then usually around 130-2a.m. Fair Maiden Jackie wakes me up and when I am awoken there is no going back. So what do you do in a time like this???? you read blogs. At first you would thnk i would actually write mine but my life is nothing new.. The interesting blogs out there i like are the mormon mommy blogs. Ihave learned quite a few things from them these last few days. Here are a few of them...

I need a camera-there are many reasons i dont have a camera just for blogging and what not..1.I break them so easy and 2. they get expensive after a while of having them consantly break.. my phone takes pictures good enough for me
We (the family) need to own at least 1 set of matching outfits perferably plaid- Dan wont put on fluffy ballerina dress and Jackie and i dont do plaid
Must make more babies- infertilty is a bitch on that one
Have to cook with all my kitchen gadgets not just stare at them- if i take them out of the box i am not responsible for what happens in the kitchen. my blowtorch will explode, the ice cream maker will lead a revolt, and the magic bullet will start scamming oither blenders(we have 2) into buying other infomercial crap
Gotta start dropping words like "blessings" and "sweet spirit" in day to day conversations- maybe includes no cursing but i just couldn't take myself seriously if i say "sweeet spirit" for a good week maybe week and a half
Scarpbooking is the only way anyone will ever know i existed in 100 years- true story. Everyone knows the cavemen loved to decoupage
and finally
You can turn any outfit into a modest outfit-i honestly saw a woman turn a sheet into a dress..i.e. when you are walking to your firdge in the middle of the night for ice cream and you got the sheet wrapped around you, a woman made that into a modest attire. Also if there is a magazine pic of something you can recreate it and then add sleeves instead of buying it. That part (and the sheet dress) is actually super awesome.

this is probably why i dont blog more but just stalk everyone elses but if this no sleeping thing continues i may have to take some drastic steps..Like adding pictures and keeping up with this

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The hubby of the house is awesome

Just felt that that needed to be said.. He made me a new meal planner to keep track on.. He buys me small gifts for no apparent reason.. He handles being a crazy womans husband well.. Grabs curb side alerts without being prompted.. And got me a new kitten he is super awesome!!

p.s. if you wan the  meal planner just email me cuz i cant figure out how to put it on the blog:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

waay too much time on my hands

As some may know i have been working on a project for about a week, which is about as long as i can focus on one particular project before it goes in the bin of incompleteablity,. However this one made it all the way through.. Even to make it upon my wall!!! So i am happy to announce that i made this project by cutting toliet paper rolls into rings then glueing and painting all in all its awesome. It looks better in person than in pic but hey what doesn't? enjoy:) p.s. Sorry for it being so dark..Thats just how my house goes i will see if i can get a better pic during the day

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my hoarding has a purpose!!!!!!!

That's right.. This is a table built from a door i found on the side of the road near my house.Thank you Lauren Marshmann , the one who helped bring the door home. This makes me feel like i can do anything which i can but , it also gives me the lisense to do more curb site alerts and yard sale leftover deals.What will i do when i run outta space? Easy rent a storage unit , probably at the same place i go to the storage unit auctions and fill it. However before i put it there it must be painted a pretty color or redecorated..its the only way i feel good about grabbing crap from the side of the road..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i have a problem

Yes, I am admiting it..Ibelieve i might have the earliest signs of hoarding adn hoardership.I just picked up a door because i want to build a table out of it and as i look at it i keep thinking" if dan came home today im pretty sure he would send me somewhere to get help". So i have decided after my door/table i am going to stop my hoarding ways. Am i positive that it will work or last? Not even remotly but i have to think that i can try right? Thats all for right now..I will update you later on the hoarding or decluttering either way..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

extreme couponer's apprentice?

So i was watching this show on tv.It was called extreme couponing. I am seriously interested in starting but they dont explain how to start. I also wont be that good of an extreme couponer because they buy what looks like loads and loads of stuff they may never need. I am all for food storage (obvisouly) but theres a point where they just look greedy and are just doing it because the will save money. Is it saving money if you wont use it? I know im kind of downing them but i really want to start couponing. I get the booklet in my mail and i have an evelope but do i ever do anything with them? nope. I forget about them then there is just a mess of crumpled paper on the bottom of my monster diaper bag. So i am going to check the local community college and sign up for couponing 101-the basics and organization of coupons. Hopefully my gi bill covers it. Probably not but hey i will try. Well this is sunday and i have very sundayish chores and jobs to do.. Such as well currently nothing because it is just me and the baby and we do the same thing day in and day out. but hey one day we will have something to do:) Good Sunday

Friday, April 15, 2011

The first post

I have no idea what im doing. With that being said i feel a little silly writing a first post. Its like writing the first entry of a journal. Do you start where you are in life or do you give a brief intro? I never get farther than this point in journals because then i think, who is reading this? if its future generations then do i really want them to know what my life is like? Then i stop writing thinking that once i become a better person and have mostly nice things to say then i will write a journal. That day has yet to come. But hey this seems like a good first post for this internet journal. It has all that i need in a first post. Words. Honestly i dont really think that people read the first post of anything, we skip to pictures or interesting things not the "hello im so-and-so i live here like to blank.. So now that all this is done it will show that i do have a post and i look accomplished. Misson complete. Now off to tend to the rest of my life..i.e. vacuum and shop online.